9 Facts About Nicki Minaj That Every Barb Should Know

Now there are many out there that claim to be to be amongst the Barbz. Do you have the knowledge to answer these questions and prove you know who Queen Nicki really is?

Nicki Minaj has reigned as Queen of Rap for some time now. She’s broken barriers and pathed the way for all her “sons” rise in a time when female rappers are currently dominating in Hip Hop. Answer these 9 questions and test yourself on how much you know about Onika!


Ok so you think you know Nicki Minaj, Nicki the Ninja, Nicki Lewinsky, the Harajuku barbie, Chun Li?…I guess you do!

[insert your name here], what’s good?! You know ish about Nicki Minaj!

#1 What is Nicki Minaj’s middle name?

#2 What high school did she graduate from?

#3 Where is Onika Maraj from?

#4 How many views did “Anaconda” get in the first 24 hours?

#5 Which is not an alter ego of Nicki Minaj?

#6 Choose the group she was in.

#7 How tall is Nicki Minaj?

#8 What movie has Nicki Minaj been in?

#9 What day was Nicki Minaj born?


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