If You Don’t Know These Facts About Drake, You’ve Been Living Under A Rock

Now we all know that Drake came in the rap game swinging for the past ten years and he’s been on top ever since! Here’s some questions to test how much you really know about the Canadian wiz.

From questions of his favorite sports teams to family history to career milestones, take this quiz to see just how much you’ve been following Drizzy Drake over his 10+ years’ reign!


You are a Champagne Papi connoisseur!

You don’t know Drizzy! Try again!

#1 October’s Very Own! What day was Drake born on?

#2 What is Drake’s favorite basketball team?

#3 What is Drake’s favorite football team?

#4 How long was Drake on the TV show Degrassi?

#5 What label is Drake on?

#6 What is Drake’s mom’s name?

#7 What was Drake’s debut studio album?

#8 What city is Drake from?

#9 What song from Drake sparked a dance challenge that went viral on the internet?


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