13 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Sex

Hey guys! It’s your girl here with another JEWEL. So we all like to think of ourselves as experts in this sex game but let’s keep it real… We don’t know ish. Sex is about constantly educating yourself and your partner on what works for YOU! We put together a list of things that you may not know. Feel free to drop some fun facts in the comments!

  1. You’re Likely to Live Longer the More Sex You Have:

    Yes! You read the right. Studies show people who orgasm more live longer.

  2. Educated Women Enjoy Anal Sex More:

    We are just going to dive right into it. If you have more degrees (Masters, PhD), you’re more likely to enjoy anal sex than a woman who is not as educated. Now this is interesting!

  3. Those Who Have More Sex Make More Money:

    It is proven that people who have more sex make 4 times more money. Let me find out!

  4.  There Are Approximately 8,000 Nerve Endings in the Clitoris:

    Now that that’s out there, ya’ll can finally start to put some effort into finding out exactly where it is!

  5. Orgasms Can Help You with Your Sinus Issues:

    Before popping your prescription or OTC medicine, try sex first. Research shows that when you orgasm the adrenaline that rushes through your body can clear up your sinuses. Cool! Huh?

  6. The Penis Gets Smaller As You Get Older:

    I guess we all shrink a little bit as we age. No worries!

  7. Sex Toys Are Illegal In 2 U.S. States:

    Can you guess which ones they are? I’ll just tell you. Alabama and Mississippi are the two states who prohibit sex toys. I’m sure a “toy raid” would expose a lot of fine Southern ladies and gentlemen.

  8. When Ovulating A Woman Is More Likely To Cheat On Her Partner:

    Now, ladies, listen up. We’ve all been at the point where we are calling up our partner with an S.O.S. emergency DA (d*ck appt.). Our hormones are at higher levels but it  doesn’t justify our actions when our partner isn’t available. You always have your toy as long as you’re not a resident of Alabama or Mississippi.

  9. Only 25% of Women Can Attain An Orgasm By Penetration:

    65% of women need stimulation alongside penetration to orgasm. Unfortunately, there are 10% of women who can not orgasm at all.

  10. Condoms Contain Milk Products:

    Vegans beware!

  11. Sex Makes You More Beautiful:

    With elevated estrogen levels, your hair may become shinier and your skin more glowy.

  12. Men Can Ejaculate Up To 28 mph:

    That’s right! So buckle up and be sure not to drive in residential areas or school zones… sorry.

  13. The Average Penis is About 5.6 Inches:

    If you are one of the many men who claim to be packing, you may be delusional. Keep it real though. Ain’t nothing wrong with a whopping 5.6. It’s the motion, playa!

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