22 Bucket List Ideas For You And Your Child To Do This Summer – Parenting Jewels

  1. Go to beach: This is one of most popular activities to do during the summer, especially if you live near the shore. It takes little effort to put on sun tan lotion, catch some waves and lay in the sun with your family.

  2. Amusement Parks/Water Park: . Even as an adult, I enjoy fun rides and water slides. Now that I am a mom, I take pleasure in making these memories with my daughter this summer!

  3. Paint ‘n Sips: This is such a creative and inexpensive way to have fun. I started doing this a few months back. I purchase a few canvas from your local Walmart or Five Below, dust off the paintbrushes and sip on a cold glass of juice on a hot day with my mini me.

  4. Play dates: These always allow your child (especially an only child) to interact with other children in the same age group. Let be honest, it gives us parents a slight break too!

  5. Make ice pops: This is a sure way to simultaneously cool down and have some delicious fun.

  6. Play at the park: Growing up, my siblings and I always went to the park whether it be to swing on the swings or ride our bikes. This is classic fun for all ages.

  7. Have a water balloon fight: We usually choose the hottest day of the week and fill a ton of balloons up. It’s a blast!

  8. Take a trip to your nearest BIG city: Our closest major city happens to be Philadelphia but we randomly went to New York City and took a stroll around Central Park.

  9. Coordinate a picnic: Picnics are so sweet and relaxing. It still gives your child that outside experience. Bringing a deck of Uno cards and a wireless speaker always makes it 10x better.

  10. Sign up for a cooking class: There are tons of kids cooking classes. Sometimes your local library has sign ups for these type of events. They can also be found on Groupon or Eventbrite.

  11. Go to the library: The library always has a chill, quiet vibe. Our local library runs a book club weekly which gives my child something to look forward to.

  12. Create learning packets: I decided this summer that we’d keep the mind sharp so we won’t skip a beat going into the next year. Putting together some “homework’ like packets are fun for the child and gives you a reason to sit down and do it together.

  13. Exercise together: A family that sweats together stays together!

  14. Go bowling: we usually keep the bumpers on… for me, of course!

  15. Go skating: This always brings back childhood memories. It’s even more fun with your child by your side.

  16. Make a pizza: One of the best ways to make a mess is to cook with your kid!

  17. Go to the movies: We happened to see The Lion King on the day it came out! We got matching shirts and everything.

  18. Bake something together: Brownies seem to always be a hit in my house.

  19. Make mocktails: Your child ever ask you what’s in your glass? And your reply is always “soda”? Well this can be a fun way to make fancy, non-alcoholic beverages together.

  20. Go apple picking: Our first time was last summer and we were able to have fun while picking some of the most delicious apples we’ve had.

  21. Make homemade face masks: My child had a breakout due to the hot weather. I decided to make an all natural face mask for the both of us using tumeric, apple cider vinegar and olive oil. So much fun!

  22. Go to a museum: Museum can be very educational and exciting! Some are even free on certain days.

While some of these may not be suitable for all parents and children, the point is to spend as much time with your little one as can while they are young. What would you add to this list of activities to do with your child? Drop suggestions in the comments below!

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