PJ Morton: 10 Life Lessons To Take Away From New Album ‘Paul’

PJ Morton dropped his latest album this past Friday and he did not disappoint. Of course, it’s been on repeat since midnight of the release! He always sends a message through his music but ‘Paul’ gave several key points that we can take from this album. The beauty of music is how one person can interpret it completely different from another person listening to the same song and lyrics. Here’s my interpretation of ten ways that ‘Paul’ relates to everyday life.


1. People Can Change

Okay, I can admit it, yeah
Took me a minute to get it
But now I got it

Song: Ready – This song conveys how a person may not be suitable for their significant other at the time but can eventually get it together. Sometimes, people just need time to mature. But keep in mind a person can change only if they want to change.

2. Follow Your Dreams

So tell my dreamers, keep dreamin’
And if you got the master plan, keep schemin’

Song: Practicing (feat. Tobe Nwigwe) – This is by far the most pertinent song on the album, in my opinion. It’s geared towards those who have goals that sometimes may become discouraged from the outside opinions of people who’ve never been where they are going.

3. Age Does Not Determine Your Destiny


You don’t need to grow up, that’s the beginning of the end
You just need to believe like a kid again

Song: Kid Again– The older a person may get, the more often he or she may place limits on what they can and cannot achieve. This song encourages us to believe in the unimaginable as if we are still children.

4. Love Hard

Oh my heart is yearning for you
Let me inside your love, whoa

Song: Yearning For Your Love – This remake from “The Gap Band” is a reminder that there’s nothing wrong with imploring for someone’s love who you adore.

5. Ownership

We gotta buy back the block, uh
I said, I don’t want it if I can’t own it

Song: Buy Back The Block – We are often the consumers. Our buying power is unmatched. But it is time to start owning property and investing in ourselves. That’s where the dominance lies.

6. Fight For What You Love

It’s not worth keepin’ if it’s not worth fightin’ for
No matter how long it takes

Song: Built For Love (feat. Jazmine Sullivan) – If you love someone, there’s nothing that can come between a strong bond if neither of you are willing to give up.


7. Never Give Up

See, there’s a reason you’re still standin’
After all you’ve seen, mmm
So don’t you ever let go

Song: Don’t Let Go –  Perseverance is key. Even when you want to throw in the towel you must keep pushing forward.

8. Handle The Heart With Care

Risking being hurt once more
But I don’t think I can take
Another heartbreak

Song: Don’t Break My Heart (feat. Rapsody) – We’ve all been at the point where we have been heartbroken and come to a crossroads of opening up again. It’s important to know that people have real feelings and we should never neglect one’s emotions.

9. Swallow Your Pride

So if you love me, just say socan you just say so?
‘Cause I can’t play these games with you no more

Song: Say So (feat. JoJo) – Have you ever been in a situation where you both had mutual feelings but no one was willing to speak up? Now just imagine, if you did express yourself how much more time you could’ve had together.

10. Racism Still Exist

I can have all the money and the fame and they still don’t care
‘Cause if I get pulled over, I still gotta live in fear

Song: MAGA? (feat.Angela Rye) – We witness injustice every time we check our social media, turn on the news or even get pulled over. America was never great for us all but we will continue to rise.

If you have not already, please check out PJ Morton’s new album ‘Paul’, You’ll be doing yourself a favor and you can thank me later. His music is available on all platforms. Let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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