Jameca Jolly: Talks About How She Got Started, Impacting The Community & What’s Next For Pour It Up, LLC

Pour It Up, LLC is here to save the social life of Burlington County!

For years, nightlife in the South Jersey/Burlington County area has been nothing short of monotonous. In the past, residents have always had to travel to Philly or even as far as New York City to partake in fun and interesting activities. Lucky for us, Pour It Up is here to help us overcome the underwhelming nightlife and add flavor to our private events!

Meet Jameca Jolly, owner of Pour It Up, LLC, a mobile bartending company that brings new meaning to cocktail parties!

Jameca Jolly, owner of Pour It Up, LLC

We are so excited to feature our first business and we must say she has something very special to offer! Pour It Up, LLC is a hidden gem serving surrounding areas of Mount Laurel, NJ with quality drinks and a great experience. Our first Pour It Up event we attended was impressive. Pour It Up hosted a happy hour right in Burlington, NJ with bartenders on multiple floors of the 28East venue and a dope DJ to spin the entire event. Drinks were low-priced and absolutely tasty.

We caught up with owner Jameca at the Ultimate Cocktail Party last month and had to highlight her growing success in this industry. Check out what she had to say about how she got started, impacting the community and what’s next for Pour It Up, LLC!



JJ: When was the company founded?

Jameca: Pour It Up came about in March of 2017. I remember like it was yesterday, I had just moved from Atlanta, GA back home to New Jersey. I was 8 months pregnant and had no idea what my next step was. I had just failed the NJ Real Estate test and I knew I had to come up with something that would allow me to be a “stay at home mom” while still being able to bring in some funds. I worked the company for a year before I finally registered it as an LLC.


JJ: How’d you get started with Pour It Up?

Jameca: It was like 3:00 in the morning and I couldn’t turn my brain off! I was in the midst of already planning my own baby shower and the thought popped into my mind if I wanted to have a bartender or not. And just like that, the light bulb went off. Other people may have the same thought. Like this could really be a “thing”. A mobile bartending service, we could bartend for different events and venues for places that don’t offer this service. I researched to see if there was a need for this service in my area and there was. That same night I stayed up until the wee in the morning creating my business plan.


JJ: What inspired you to become a mobile bartending company owner?

Jameca: After doing my research, I saw that this was already something that was pretty popular in other states. There were a few already local to me however they were more so catering companies or event staff. I knew I wanted my company to be bartenders only. That was my strength. I’ve been bartending since 2012 already, and I knew I would never be able to make as much money in New Jersey as I was making in Atlanta, so why not go into business for myself. And this would give me the freedom to be home with my son and only work on weekends because that’s typically when people have events.

JJ: What type of events do you service?

Jameca: Pour It Up has provided mobile bartending services for a wide variety of functions. Weddings, Birthday Parties, Grand Opening, Family Reunions, Engagement Parties, Sweet Sixteens, Baby Showers,  Backyard BBQs, Pool Parties, Repasses, Fashion Shows, and Festivals.


JJ: What sets Pour It Up apart from other mobile bartending companies? What are your specialties?

Jameca: I like to think our creativity and personality sets us apart from other bartending services. (Almost) Anyone can make a delicious drink; however, we put so much more into it than just making good drinks … that’s just a plus. We have intensive back and forth communication with our clients to come up with the perfect drinks for their signature cocktail menu. Each client gets their own personalized, custom menu to go along with the theme of their event. We also change the names of the drinks so it’s more personalized as well. Our clients really love and appreciate it.

WRITE IT DOWN. Write down all your thoughts, goals, and ideas for your business. And lastly, YOU are what separates your business from others. Stop comparing someone else’s success to yours. Continue to be the IT factor in your business. -Jameca Jolly

JJ: What locations do you extend your services?

Jameca: We service a 30 mile radius from Mount Laurel, NJ. However, everything is worth a conversation lol


JJ: How do you feel Pour It Up adds value to the community?

Jameca: I feel Pour It Up adds value to the community in multiple ways. If it wasn’t for the community, Pour It Up would not have had this much success, this fast. Word of mouth has been my number one marketing tool. We also like to host events in our community. People always complain how there’s nothing to do in Burlington County or how they have to drive to Philly just to have a good time. Pour It Up’s mission is to fill the void. We’ve hosted 4 successful events right in Burlington County. We hope to one day have a space right here in the community to not only provide jobs but also show people you can come to our part of town and have a good time.


JJ: Who’s your targeted market?

Jameca: My target market is 27-40 women. I also like to market to Event Planners, Caterers, DJs, and Event Venues, because we all have the same clients.


JJ: Lastly, can you drop a JEWEL for the aspiring and fellow entrepreneurs who are in pursuit of running a successful business?

My main advice is to START. Start right now, right where you are, with whatever you have.


Jameca: You can work a 9-5 and still run a small business. That 9-5 is your ONLY investor into your business. Do something everyday no matter how big (registering your business or making a website) or small (something as simple as posting on instagram) for your business everyday.





Facebook: Pour It Up

Instagram: @PourItUpMobile

Website: www.PourItUpMobile.com

E-mail: Contact@PourItUpMobile.com

Phone: (609) 310-1741



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