Rapsody’s ‘Eve’: The Album Every Black Woman Needs To Hear

Rapsody recently dropped her album ‘Eve’ and the buzz has been incredible. Although, most would agree that Rapsody is talented, this album exceeded many people’s expectations.

After listening to track after track, it became evident that this body of work is one that ALL melanin queens must press play on. The title of the album ‘Eve’was inspired by Queen Latifah. The name Eve meaning “mother of all living things” sets the tone for 16 tracks of high lyrical caliber and woman empowerment. Each song is named after a Black woman who has displayed soaring merit in her respective profession. Rapsody pays homage historical giants such as Oprah, Serena Williams and Maya Angelou just to name a few.

This album is an example of Black Girl Magic possessing creativity, resilience and power. Artists featured on this album include J. Cole, GZA, Mereba, PJ Morton and many more. Writer and poet, Reyna Biddy also narrates ‘Eve’ with her bursts of spoken word. Accompanying the star features and lyrical ability, samples from artists like Nina Simone, Herbie Hancock, Erykah Badu and the late Tupac Shakur sent this album over the top.

Ultimately, Rapsody is more than just a female MC, she goes beyond what the eye can see and what the ear is train to hear and expect from women. It’s evident that this album is for us! To honor a group of woman with your gifts and talent is selfless and gives her music true meaning to life. ‘Eve’ is unity, excellence and beauty. This album IS Black women in the form of vibrations traveling through the air waves.

To hear more of Rapsody check out her interview on The Breakfast Club 105.1 below! What’s your favorite track on the album?

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