Creative Danger Productions: Starting A Business, Murder Mysteries & Implementing Their Community

Meet the team who’s adding their Black Girl Magic to the theater world with every show!

Introducing Kimberly Allen, LaShae Latimore and Joy Williams of Creative Danger Productions. These boss chicks entered into the theater industry and are thriving! So how did they get here?

Kim (L), Joy (C), LaShae (R)

How They Got Started

Ironically, Creative Danger started out as a podcast back in 2016.  LaShae and Kim had reconnected after years of losing touch. Kim had already contemplated doing a podcast but decided it would be better with another host.  LaShae didn’t hesitate.  They decided that they had similar views and needed a third person to add a unique perspective. LaShae and Kim reached out to Joy who had a bold outlook on things and a peremptory nature which they loved. Thus, Creative Danger Podcast was born.
You can only control what you can control.  And as long as you are not afraid to fail, you’ll always be able to move forward. 💎
In the midst of doing the podcast they stumbled into murder mysteries.  A mutual friend that bought the three ladies together was having a birthday party and wanted to do a murder mystery.  However, it was more expensive than anticipated and she wanted to figure an alternative for her birthday instead of the typical “kickback” type of event.  LaShae offered to orchestrate a murder mystery for her.  The day before, LaShae had everything just about finalized except for a few characters.  That’s when she reached out to Kim to assist her in connecting a few of the characters to the killer.  Kim gave LaShae her ideas and she implemented them.  The murder mystery was a hit! About a week after the party, LaShae called and said she wanted to do it again but this time they’d monetize it and make it a business. They had never done murder mysteries before but enjoyed making the connections between characters, Kim especially, and instantly fell in love with it. LaShae was already a self published author whose book was doing exceptionally well on Amazon.  Creatively, LaShae and Kim’s writing abilities complimented each other well.  Collectively, they reach out to Joy to get her opinion on this idea. Being the adventurous person she is, Joy immediately was on board.  By the next day, they had a theme picked out, suspect profile completed and started to work on the script. Hence, the birth of Creative Danger Productions.
When doing live shows try not to be too hard on yourself when things go wrong.  It’s part of the business. 💎 
Creative Danger puts on two types of murder mysteries. One is a play where the audience gets to solve a murder utilizing what is happening in the show as well as customized clues given throughout the show. The main event is a full dinner theater production where the ticket prices include your meal.  CDP has a full cast of actors and even pick audience members to have small speaking parts in the show.  They provide clues and prizes to those who are able to figure out the who the killer is. The second one is an interactive murder mystery where the audience participates in the show along with the characters. The audience members have to solve a murder that takes place in front of them. For the interactive one, they do public and private events. The audience members are the actors and clues are set up for them to figure out who the killer is and why. The target audience is the 25 and up crowd. With the interactive shows there are more themes to pick from. The Creative Danger team can even customize the murder mystery to fit what ever type of event you are having.

Creative Danger In The Community

Other than being owned by three dynamic, Black mothers, what sets CDP apart is that the murder mysteries are formatted like plays. You get a full show were you get to equally participate and sit back, put your feet up and be entertained. These shows also encompass an all minority cast, who are not afraid to push the envelope with their comedic prowess and budding improvisation skills.  No show is the same so you have the element of live theater in local restaurants.  Creative Danger also creates a space for other entrepreneurs to have a platform. They give away gift bags full of items from local black owned businesses as well as provide a place for food and drink vendors to share their products and services.  Their specialty is turning any venue into a stage. They utilize the entire space and when it’s time for crowd interaction, the cast is excellent about getting them out of their shells.
Cast of Until Death Do Us Part

Looking To Expand

Although still expanding, Creative Danger Productions holds shows within the Burlington county area.  They love giving people in the area something innovative and exciting to do. They’ve also had the opportunity to venture into Philadelphia where they performed at the infamous Warmdaddy’s and look to eventually expand into North Jersey and Atlantic City.  They use several black owned business when looking to fulfill they’re business needs while simultaneously allowing these businesses to promote themselves. Creative Danger Productions also promotes businesses at these sold out shows of over a hundred people that come from all over the tri-state area. Creative Danger Productions has designed a brand that will customize their shows to fit your event needs and give you a night so entertaining it’s to die for! Please follow their social media accounts and check out their website for future shows!
Facebook: Creative Danger Productions
Instagram:  @creativedangerproductions

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