Cuffing Season: 76 Songs That Will Get You In The Mood This Fall

It’s officially fall. As the temperature cools down, one thing we know for sure is cuffing season will be heating up! Here are 76 songs to get you and bae in the mood!

If you aren’t familiar with the cuffing season culture, let me give you the rundown. It typically lasts from late summer August to February. We scout, draft, hold tryouts and prepare our roster for the preseason. From December to early January we are in the midst of a full blown cuffing season. You’ve survived Christmas and New Years with your new bae. Playoffs extend until February 13th and we all know what game day is for the championship… that’s right! It’s Valentine’s Day!

Let’s be honest… We barely saw any #mcm’s and #wcw’s on social media for the past few months. Instead you had an abundance of #HotGirlSummer vs. #CityBoys all summer! But when that temperature drops all we really desire is to be boo’d up. I took the liberty of curating an official playlist for a time such as this. Thank me later and you’re welcome. This playlist is available on Spotify as well as Apple Music (Search Jalyn Jewel) to play when you and your new/old/current boo want to get cozy or get it on!

Please like, share and comment. what other songs would you add to this playlist?


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