Bookn’Brunch: Women Launch Book Club To Discuss Literature Over Food & Drinks

This is the start of something very special. I’m happy that you can take this journey with us.

Recently, five women met to discuss Michelle Obama’s Becoming over cocktails and tasty dishes. We met at Havana Central, a Cuban inspired restaurant with a Havana theme, live Latin music and tropical cocktails! Everyone had greeted each other for the first time warmly and hit it off right away. Light conversation and introductions led to us creating a space for everyone to speak freely about purpose, politics and our areas that we are improving along with our strengths. Majority of us are mothers so it was a common ground for us to relate to each other while simultaneously connecting with Michelle Obama’s story. So how did this all come to be a reality?

Where It All Began

It all started with a simple message via Instagram from Chantelle who expressed the idea of starting a women’s reading club. The rest is history! We chatted about being inspired by reading but not doing it as consistently as we’d like. Through a bit of research and much discussion we decided to go for it! We set a date and chose the location. We’ve agreed to meet once a month with intention to dine and dig into our books of choice.


This was a great book choice for our first meeting. After all, Michelle Obama embodies so many admirable characteristics of the caliber of woman and mother we aspire to be one day. The book gives detailed insight into the lady behind our first Black president. More importantly, we got a glimpse of who she really is, her unique journey, strengths and diffidence. If you’ve been debating whether or not to read this book, you should!

We are looking forward to this literary journey of self discovery and pure enjoyment. Bookn’Brunch is onto something! And I cannot wait to see where we end up. What are some must reads on your book list? Comment below!



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