Remembering Kobe Bryant: How To Turn Our Devastation Into Determination

On Sunday, January 26, 2020, the whole world shifted into sadness after hearing the tragic news that one of the world’s greatest athletes Kobe Bryant has passed away. He was 41.

News stations and social media outlets scrambled to get their stories out. An overwhelming amount of people posted to their profiles photos and videos of the legend with captions that expressed their disbelief, sorrow and anger. How could this have happened? Minutes later, news spread that his 13 year old daughter Gianna affectionately known as Gigi was aboard the helicopter along with seven other passengers. No one survived the crash. Kobe Bryant was newly retired (2016) after giving the Los Angeles Lakers a full twenty years of his basketball career. He had accomplished so much and was looking forward to doing so much more. Kobe had over the years gained the love and respect of his athletic peers, coaches and fans from all over the world. When the news hit that he was no longer with us it caused a wave of despair and confusion.


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Through this hard time, one can only imagine how uncontrollably anguished his wife has been to lose her husband and daughter in one day. To know that you will never be able to embrace the ones who you love most in disheartening. His influence was like a pivotal blanket covering those who he’s mentored as well as individuals he’s impacted from a far. A question came to mind in the midst of it all which was ‘why do we all feel this way?‘ And the answer is simple. Bryant lived a life so purposeful and passionately that he affected people that he’d never even met! No one can deny his talent and work ethic which is why the world’s heart was synchronously broken.


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After pondering on the fact that Kobe Bryant lived so intently in his passion another question came to mind. How do you want to be remembered? A quote from Kobe says…

The most important thing is to try and inspire people so they can be great in whatever they want to do.

It’s so inspiring to know that by simply doing something that you love and giving it your all you can not only touch those around you but the entire world. To be loved and respected is not by chance. You have to live authentically in every chapter of your life’s book. The secret is to it is to love what you do and strive to be great at whatever it is that you do. You have to be so determined to be great that you motivate others around you to do the same. It is vital to look at this unimaginable loss for the world as an opportunity to evaluate your own lives and what we are doing to make an impact. Whose lives are we touching? Who are we helping? Who are we positively assisting along our own personal journeys? Being determined to be great and make a change in this world is important to your legacy. Everyone has an unknown day that they will no longer be here. How will people remember you?


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#PressPlay: Please remember to enjoy your life to the fullest!! #KobeBryant will forever be remembered and celebrated!! 💔🙏🏾

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Rest in perfect peace Kobe Bryant.






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