Self-Love Lock Down: 24 Ways To Practice Self-Care During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Life has changed for the entire world since we’ve been hit with the Coronavirus Pandemic. At times like this, it’s vital that we take care of ourselves and others mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Here are 24 ways to practice self care during this crucial time.


  1. Read a book – What better time than now to pick up a good book and dive into it?

  2. Call a friend – Often times we get so wrapped up in the hustle of life that we don’t make time to check on our friends and loved ones. With everyone being on lock down, make sure you’re checking on them.

  3. Exercise – There are tons of workouts you can in the comfort of your own home. Get active!

  4. Do yoga – Yoga calms the mind and does the body good.

  5. Watch a new show – Thank you to all the streaming services available today. There are endless shows and movies available.

  6. Dance – There’s something about moving your body that gets your blood flowing.

  7. Journal – Even if you aren’t a person who journals daily, it can be therapeutic to record your feelings during this time.

  8. Take a nap – Take this opportunity to rest!

  9. Paint & sip – Break out the wine and a canvas. Let’s get creative.

  10. Listen to Jalyn Jewel playlists – As if you weren’t already…

  11. Bake cookies – Make a sweet treat. Comfort food is the best when chilling in the house.

  12. Light a candle – Candles can be very calming and helps to set the mood.

  13. Do some spring cleaning – It’s officially springtime. Decluttering is essential.

  14. Take a long bath – There’s nothing but time and relaxation.

  15. Listen to podcasts – Over the last couple years the podcasting industry has grown. Whatever your interests, there’s a podcast for it.

  16. Write a letter – Write a letter to yourself, a friend or your crush.

  17. List what you’re grateful for – In times such as this, let’s remain positive and look on the bright side.

  18. Pray – Spirituality is our biggest comfort when life gets tough. Pray and God will get you through it.

  19. Do karaoke – Since the bars are currently closed down, let YouTube be your source of karaoke entertainment. Thank me later.

  20. Breathe deeply – Inhale, Exhale. You got this, boo.

  21. Unplug from social media – With all the news reports and constant updates, the information can become a bit overwhelming. Sometimes putting your phone can help you recharge.

  22. Look at old photos – Nostalgia can be good for the soul.

  23. FaceTime Date – Don’t have a quarantine bae? Not able to Rona and chill? Call up your boo and have a quick FaceTime date tonight.

  24. Laugh – Find your reason! Laughter is a medicine.

What other activities do you do to practice self care? Drop a comment below.

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