New Jersey #1 Hip-Hop: The Trenton Cypher

New Jersey #1 Hip-Hop most recently passed through #TheTown for another cypher. Four Trenton rappers came out and showed what, our state capital, Trenton is really made of.

Visuals were shot by Militia Films (@militiafilms) who captured the Trenton natives MagB, Don Diego, Rell Gambino and Cel Escobar last Friday at Black Diamond Photography Studios. Producer Stanley Ipkiss (@kingipkiss26) of Newark, NJ provided the beat and everybody snapped! Special thanks to Phil Stacks (@philstacks) for the hospitality and space to let these artists put on for their city.

You might be most familiar with the first artist to step up from being a guest on Sway in the Morning’s Friday cypher. Even then, MagB (@magb422) shed light on his city while showing his talent with a freestyle that had the entire studio shook. His latest body of work “All the Smoke” can be found on Dat Piff. “As I peer through this broken window, sulking smoking this indo. A soldier with no credentials seen lows no crescendo.” MagB approached each line with confidence yet humility. He’s no stranger to his art and it’s apparent they he has no intention of slowing down.

Who is Don Diego? What started out as just something for IG, Don Diego better known as Trip is making a name for himself as an artist. Although it’s early in his career, Trip does this with heart. Rap is a form of therapy for him and it is evident through his bars. “Please don’t approach me. My brother got the hammer right now call me Loki. I ain’t with the okie doke my niggas is smokin’.” The Last Days freestyle with artist Big Ooh can be found on YouTube. He is currently working on a mixtape titled “Living off the Extras”. With a flow like his, this project is definitely something to look for in the future. Follow him @dondiego425.

Born and raised in Trenton, NJ artist, Rell Gambino (@rellgambino), came through with a smooth flow creating a lyrical equilibrium for the cypher. He said, “ A lot of n*ggas falling off, I want no parts. So so long, it’s my savage mode. I got no heart; I’m pro-art young Basquiat, Black Mozart. Imma paint these pictures when the 808 goes off.” Between having a mixtape run from 2012-2016 and headlining the Art All Night art exhibit four years in a row, he has been busy making his name known. Rell Gambino’s most recent project “The Life of Grimm” can be streamed on all platforms. Visit his website at to support him and buy merchandise.

Cel Escobar (@cel_escobar) delivered a memorable verse to wrap up the cypher on Friday. He put the power behind his words which made his storytelling attention-grabbing. “Look in my eyes what do you see here? Startin’ to take rap more serious family to feed here.” Escobar the Don just dropped an EP “4 for 4 The Tape” this past summer which can be found on every platforms. His second project of 2020 “The (Real) Is Back” will be released very soon. It’s an album inclusive of ten tracks. Follow the Don on all social media outlets for updates on his music and merchandise releases!

The Trenton cypher is up on YouTube now! Let’s support these rising artists and get their numbers up. Thank you to the production crew in Trenton:





The Trenton Cypher is #NewJersey1HipHop APPROVED. Elizabeth and Jersey City are up next! Are you ready?

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